Song by: Daughter
Piano: Music7750

Link to instrumental piano:

this is my cover of the song “Can’t Keep It Inside”, performed by: Benedict Cumberbatch on the movie August: Osage County.

sorry for my voice and the really shitty recording.

i don’t have time to cover the whole song, so i’m just having fun with this.
i’ll upload the full length song soonnnn.

This is a cover me singing “Kodaline - All I Want” i couldn’t resist..
sorry for my voice, and if i sound a bit hush-hush is because i can’t scream really in my dorm (XD yeah i’m in a dorm now lol) anyway. enjoy!
* Verse 1
All I want is nothing more
G Am
To hear you knocking at my door
Cause’ if i could see your face once more
I could die a happy man i’m sure

When you said your last goodbye
G Am
I died a little bit inside
And I lay in tears in bed all night
Alone without you by my side


But if you loved me
Why’d’ ya leave me
Take my body
Take my body

All I want is
And all i need is
To find somebody
I’ll find somebody

Like youuu, ohhhh, oh
C G Am
ohhhhh, ohhhhh, oh
Like youuuuuu

* Verse 2

Same as Verse 1

* Chorus 2

Same as Chorus 1

* After Chorus instrumental

Dm, G
Dm, G (Hold this G for the run up to the bridge)

*Bridge (Woooo wooo woooo’s)

The same as the Chorus

Am, F, C, G.
Am, F, C, G.

* After Bridge Instrumental

Am, F, C, G.
Am, F, C, G. (Begin to quiet down for the soft chorus after this last “G”)

* Soft Chorus (Ending)

Same as chorus 1 & 2

…. I’ll Find somebody
C F C (Strum this “C” once to end)
Like youuuuuuuohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh


so i start drawing again and today was day 2. 

1. Sherlock and John

2. 11th.

i tttrrrrrriiieeeeeeddddd~

Nicky Wilson - Waiting


just another original simple song from me, hope you like it :)
thank’s to Ajeng for cleaning up the recording!

capo 5th

G, G7, C
Promised myself that I’ll let you go
But here I stand, waiting outside your door
You didn’t really love me, you told me so
Why am I here? what am I waiting for?

I still care for you, I don’t know why
Maybe because I have nothing left to hide
I trusted you, with my heart and my life
You let it burned and said that I will survive

You took my hand once, and smiled at me
Right then and there you were all that I need
Few days passed and the smile fades away
You hurt me more than I can ever really say

I missed you so much, but now I have to leave
Because this is not what I really need
I need to be happy, you told me so
So I’ll just walk away from your door


this is a Johnlock version to the song L-O-V-E, because my OTP is Johnlock i had to do it.. i’m sorry. and i apologies for messing up the lyrics and my voice.. sorry!

capo: 5th

G                    Am

L is for the lie that you were straight 

D                  G

O is for how Obvious that you are my date

G7             C

V is very, very.. you are so ordinary

A7                  D

E is even more than Anderson’s IQ x4

G                      Am

sentiment is a chem(ical) defect found in the losing side

D                        G

I only said that to protect my pride


Both of us can make it


Take my hand John,  let them say it

D                        G

sentiment is what I feel for you


hope you like it! :)

i finally did another cover, hope you like it!

I Am Still Here

i do this thing when i over think

i slam my knuckles on a wall of solid brick 

i do this so i won’t feel sick

i do this until tears fall down when i blink

am i wrong to want to feel alright?

am i wrong to sometimes avoid the light?

am i something worth the fight?

am i invincible with the coming shades of white? 

still i lay in my bed

still i breathe and hold my head

still i dreamt to fled

still i’m stuck here alive but dead

here lies my body and my soul

here i give you my all

here i beg for you to dig up my hole

here i give you what you’ve stole

- by: Nicky Wilson

silenceinmythroat asked: Oh I love your cover, is so *-* jsjakhsjshjkshdsjk


i can’t even explain how your comment means so much to me :”) thank you!! x